Appelsoft develop and run blogs and corporate websites for clients worldwide as well as running our own network of quality websites.


Goller Auto & Diesel

Goller was our first client ever. In 1998, that’s 14 years ago, Per Goller from Goller Auto contacted Appelsoft owner, Hans Henrik Appel to inquire about their first web project.

Since then, Goller and Appelsoft has had a great relationship. When Goller Auto decided to revamp their website in 2010, Appelsoft was again chosen for the job.

The site is developed in WordPress with a large amount of custom plugin work to allow’s customers to book their car services directly from the site.

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Shaving Detective

In 2010, we launched the first blog  in our own blog network.

The site is called Shaving Detective, and has grown to be a very popular blog on shaving products, tips on shaving and reviews of razors and accessories.

Shaving Detective is edited by Appelsoft owner, Hans Henrik Appel.

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